How To Send Large Videos On WhatsApp Using iPhone, Android Phone, and PC

How To Send Large Videos On WhatsApp – How to send large WhatsApp videos using iPhone, Android mobile phone, and PC

The ease with which photos and videos may be shared on WhatsApp has made it incredibly popular. Anyone with a working internet connection can quickly share multimedia files to other users via the social messaging service.

The maximum size that can be shared when sharing media is set, though. WhatsApp only supports files up to 16MB in size for voice conversations, images, and videos (the maximum file size allowed for documents is 100 MB).

Basically, sending out a large video via WhatsApp, particularly one that is larger than 16MB at once, is a problem.

This frequently occurs as a result of going above WhatsApp’s permitted maximum for video-file-MB. 16MB is frequently the limit.

Despite these limitations, there are a variety of ways you may use to share large video files on WhatsApp through Android phone, iPhone, and PC.

How to send large WhatsApp videos using iPhone, Android mobile phone, and PC

Large video files can be sent via WhatsApp using a file transfer tool, a cloud storage link, or a YouTube link. Following are some steps to take:

How To Send Large Videos On WhatsApp using Android mobile phone

Open the chat you want to share a video to in WhatsApp. Click the attachment icon and select document from the gallery options.

Click the document icon to open it, then select the video file from the list that appears or from other folders by browsing.

Select the video you wish to send and then click the send button.

Only after downloading will the movie and photos become viewable as documents.

The file shouldn’t be larger than 100 MB because WhatsApp has a limit on file sizes.

How To Send Large Videos On WhatsApp using Google Drive

Sending large videos via WhatsApp is best done through Google Drive. A Google Drive app is available for Android phones, making file sharing simple.

This software is also available for the iPhone. Download the app to your smartphone if you’d want to learn how to share large videos utilizing Google Drive to WhatsApp.

By creating a Google Drive account, you may easily share videos up to 100 MB in size with anybody in the globe.

Send the link to WhatsApp after uploading the desired video file to the computer.

You can quickly share videos and files that are already in the disk because most people use it to backup their phone data. You don’t need to download the files first into the device as it will save storage.

  1. To send large video files from Google Drive to WhatsApp, follow these steps:
  2. On Google Drive, upload the required file.
  3. Simply click on your share option on the top right corner
  4. On the top right corner, next to “Share with others,” select “Get shareable link.”
  5. The arrow next to “Anyone with the link” can be used to select the accessibility limit.
  6. Your clipboard will now include the file URL. To share your file, paste the link into your WhatsApp message.
  7. Send to the person you are charting with.

How To Send Large Videos On WhatsApp using iPhone

The Files app on a phone enables users to send longer videos over WhatsApp. People who are unwilling to compromise on video quality and who are not yet ready to utilize compressor apps can benefit from this app.

To share videos, follow these instructions:

  • First, let’s launch the Photo app.
  • Select the video you wish to share by long pressing on it.
  • Select “Save to Files” in the panel below from the available options to save your video.
  • By clicking on the iCloud drive in the new tab that appears, you’ll be presented with further alternatives. Next, close this tab after storing this file to your downloads.
  • The files in the Photos app folder will be copied in this phase to a specific place on iCloud.
  • Access WhatsApp and select the contact you wish to share the file with.
  • Click the attachment icon in the Files application, select Documents from the menu that appears, and then share the movie.
  • Once you’ve selected the video from the files, click on send.

Because the video is transferred as a document, it shouldn’t be larger than WhatsApp’s 100MB maximum.

How To Send Large Videos On WhatsApp using WeTransfer

To send a link from your files with everyone, WeTransfer is a fantastic and straightforward application. Large files in any file format can be shared, and it is incredibly simple to use.

Meanwhile, you can upload files up to 2GB in size using the free version, but you can share files up to 20GB in size with the subscription version.

How to transfer with WeTransfer

  • First, navigate and select Add Files. The files you want to share should be uploaded.
  • Tap “Get a link” after uploading any necessary files. You will receive the necessary link.
  • To share, copy the link and paste it in a WhatsApp chat.

Why WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to share large files?

True! WhatsApp do not allow users to share large files in order to ensure that the servers are clutter-free so that they can operate without difficulty and give optimal speed.

One of the most widely used messaging programs, WhatsApp is used by millions of people worldwide, thus its servers must remain clutter-free. Every time you share a file, which is typically stored on your smartphone, the full file is sent across WhatsApp’s servers, and if the file is too big, it could cause service issues.

What is the maximum file size that you can send on WhatsApp?

The largest file you can share on WhatsApp is 16 MB, which applies to voice messages, images, and video messages. The largest file you can transfer on WhatsApp in terms of documents is 100 MB.

How can I send long videos on WhatsApp?

The maximum size of a video you can send is 16 Megabytes. This will equate to between 90 seconds and three minutes of video on the majority of mobile devices. once it exceed 16 MB in size the opportunity to shorten the video before sending it if will have to apply.

How can I send 10 minute video on WhatsApp?

Simply use cloud storage links

  • Click the plus + icon in Google Drive, then select Upload.
  • Click on the three-dot menu next to the file name after you have uploaded the necessary video.
  • Select Copy Link from the menu.
  • Now launch WhatsApp and select the contact whose name you want to send the video.

How can I send long video on WhatsApp without cutting?

Ways to send  Long Videos on WhatsApp:

  • Share long video on WhatsApp via Google Drive.
  • Share long video on WhatsApp Using WeTransfer.
  • Use Video Compressor Panda app to share Large Video on WhatsApp
  • Share long video on WhatsApp vai Wondershare Uni-converter.

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