What Is About Blank? How Do I Remove About:Blank?


How to Set A Blank Home Page

About:blank  or About Blank is if You’re reading an empty page built by your web browser each time you see “about:blank” in the URL bar. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and other browsers all contain it.

about:blank is in perfect working order. Many individuals choose about:blank as their default home page, guaranteeing that their browser always starts with a blank white screen. You’ve undoubtedly seen this empty page appear from time to time when you click a link or open one in a new tab or window. However, If you don’t like how your web browser always begins with about:blank, we’ll teach you how to change that.

Now, what does “About Blank” mean exactly? Is it a virus, an Internet link faulty or a link defective? What should I do to stop it? There are several reasons why a “Blank About” shows on your display. The blank pages are often no reason for alarm.


What Is about:blank?

This is a blank page that is included in your web browser. The URL “about:” tells your browser to display the internal integrated web pages. In Chrome, for example, you may type about the:address bar settings to visit the settings page or about:downloads to see the file download list for Chrome.

The rationale is simple: the browser requires a page to be shown, but the intended target is prohibited due to security concerns, thus about:blank is used instead. If you’re seeing this on a frequent basis, check your browser security settings, software settings, and browser extensions.

If you write about:blank into the URL box and hit enter, an empty page containing nothing will be loaded by your web browser. This page is not from the web rather it is included in your web browser as blank page with a URL.


What Is About:Blank Used For?

u could question why people want a blank page to be used. The notion seems odd, but has actual aims. Home users are often directed to open a blank page when the web browser is started – sometimes for a new tab or window.

Browsers like Chrome and Firefox love to take over when you open their file system. They begin to accomplish all kind of activities at the background, which consume bandwidth and resources.

Despite stopping the “invisible folly” is a difficulty, some components like what opens on startup can still be controlled.


For several reasons, people prefer the concept of opening a blank browser for:

  • To prevent the browser from opening several tabs or windows in the last session
  • Protection of the privacy
  • Bandwidth Regulation by using a non-internet browser tab to launch your session
  • Make the website blank
  • Regulation of an outdated PC process


 Causes of About:blank Pages

There can be a page “about:blank” in numerous ways for a number of reasons.

The following are the most typical causes for blank pages:

  • The second window or tab shows a download link and forces the browser to show a blank page to start the download.
  • You miss a web-address so that your browser cannot grasp what to show on the erroneous website generating viruses or malware security concerns. Or you will receive a blank page.
  • Based on the processed information, the browser does not know what to do. HTML, Java, and other code discrepancies may lead the browser to open a blank page since nothing can proceed.


Is About Blank a Virus or Malware?

About:blank” is believed to be a computer virus that snakes its way into your computer, but not so. This isn’t malware; however it’s a side effect of removing malware. “about:blank#blocked”

The about:blank page is not dangerous or malicious. We urge that you conduct a scan with your antimalware tool if you are afraid, however, that your machine has malware on it.

We enjoy malwarebytes and we advise you to scan your PC. The free version can scan and remove viruses manually. The premium Premium version just includes background scanning automatically. The Windows PCs and both Macs support Malwarebytes.


How to have it fixed About Blank Page Pop-Ups

You can’t get rid of about:blank or delete it. It is part and always will be in the hood of your web browser. But if you don’t want it, you must never see it again.

When you constantly see the following:blank when you open your online browser, and if you prefer to view the New Tab page or any other web page of your browser, all you need to do is change the home page of your browser.

Head to Menu > Settings for Google Chrome. Choose “Open New Tab Page” or remove from the web sites which are opened at the initiation of your new tab and select a preferred webpage. Scan down to “On startup” section.

Click on the menu > Options > Home in Mozilla Firefox. For new windows and new tabs, select your chosen home page. Make sure you are not here to pick “about:blank” or “blank page.”

Click on Safari > Preferences > General in Apple Safari on a Mac. Remove “about:blank” under the homepage and type in the page you want to visit.

Click menu > Settings > On startup in the new Microsoft Chromium-based Edge browser. Choose “Open a New Tab” or delete the about:blank tab from the Edge page list after it is started.


Frequently Asked Questions About:Blank Page


Should I be concerned when a webpage routes to about:blank?

Yes, as well as no. About:blank web pages are not inherently hazardous to your PC or device. They’re part of the system, thus viewing the page once in a while isn’t a huge problem. If you notice a lot of “about:blank” pages, there’s probably something wrong.

If your internet browser has been hacked, you may see this page instead of your home page. It’s a good idea to do a security scan if you observe it repeatedly without user provocation.

How do I fix about:blank issues?

There are several things you can do to repair the errors if you’re encountering problems with every online page and not only when opening your browser or visiting one URL. As previously said, begin by performing a virus scan. To get rid of any issues, erase the cache and history in your browser.

How do I fix about:blank showing when I launch my web browser?

Updating your browser’s home page is the best way to fix this. You may use Google, a news source, or any other website to keep it up to date. Set your home page to anything different in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or even Edge, and you shouldn’t see the about:blank page anymore when you open your browser.

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