Gmail Login Different Username and Password – Gmail Login Different User

Gmail Login Different Username and Password

Login to Gmail with Another Account

Gmail Login Different Username and Password is a process that allows email login different user within the same browser; or possibly Gmail sign in add account.

Gmail or Google mail is a web-based email system powered by Google. It is accessible on the computer, Android, and iOS phones. You can sign in by simply inputting your username and password in the appropriate field provided in your phone, or search if you are using a computer.

However, to use the Gmail, you have to have an account. Steps to create a Gmail account is highlighted below.

How to Create a Gmail Account

To sign up for Gmail, first of all, create a Google Account. Possibly, the same username and password used could serve as your sign up information. This means that you can use the same username and password for your Google account as your Gmail info.

Open to the Google Account page.

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to set up an account.

Then, with the created account, sign in to Gmail.

However, peradventure you encounter any issue such as inputting a username already used by another person that is choosing an already existing username; here’s what to do.

Simply include a letter, number or symbol of your choice (that you will not forget) to the same username you choose. This little alteration already makes it unique. And so, it will be accepted by Google. Or simply try another username that is not pre-existing.

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How to Gmail Login Different Username and Password

If you require utilizing your other Gmail accounts simultaneously, then there is a feature available in Gmail that can enable your different account be deployed at one place. This means that a person can log in to Gmail with multiple accounts within that same single browser; that is Gmail Login Different User. 

To begin, Launch ‘menu’ in your phone and click the Settings option.  Kindly log in with any of your accounts either on Android or iPhone.

  • Then click on Accounts option, and proceed to login as a different user.
  • Now, click on Add account, a list of options will be displayed. However, choose Google out of the list.
  • Next is to login, inputting your account’s username and password. Here, you are required to type in the info (details) of another Gmail account that you wish to log in to. When this is done, click Next.

Well done! You have now logged in to Gmail as a different user.

You may also repeat this step if you need to login another Gmail account to run pari passu.

I urge you to try it out today. Hopefully, you’ll find the process seamless just as it is in this article.

Basically, it’s easy to sign in as different user with another Gmail account using a different username and password all in your Android phone or PC.


How to use Gmail for Your business?

To use Gmail for business, I would suggest a Google Workspace account, other than personal Google Account. Google Workspace is about $6 monthly per user. The features include:

A professional Gmail accounts devoid of ads which enables you to use your company’s domain name.

To sign in, simply input your account details.

  1. On your Android, launch the Gmail.
  2. Go to the top right and tap your profile picture.
  3. Click on ‘Add another account’.
  4. Then choose the type of account you want to add.

It is simple as that. Proceed with the instructions to choose a preferred username for your business Gmail. You can as well just check it out!