Yahoo Business Email – How to Get Yahoo Small Business Email Account


Yahoo Business Email

Backup Yahoo Small Business Email

Get a Yahoo Business Email for that your small business currently running, it’s far better than using a personal email to receive and send messages to clients. Take your business to a new level and get a Yahoo small business email address as you exist from using personal email to deliver messages to customers.

However, is better you allow the business to grow and make name for itself among the Yahoo small businesses by separating the business from its owner. Meanwhile, creating Yahoo business email broadcasts your business to the world at large; and the small business domain will appear on


Yahoo Business Email Features

  • Business email has 1 TB of free storage and more.
  • Increases the credibility of your business – the business email address provides your outstanding product when you are related to customers and their partners
  • An email account comes with a special free custom domain bonus that suits your business
  • Also, build your business and it is safe and reliable with millions of other users. These help separate your personal email from an official email.
  • You can build trust with Yahoo Business online email.
  • Yahoo Business lets you choose your plan. You can also get a discount on mailbox value if you add some of your staff to the table.
  • No more spam. Yahoo blocks more than 15 billion spam messages every day and bad emails you don’t want to see.
  • This plan has inexpensive services and has easy setup. For $ 1.19 a month, your business email will be protected from you.
  • It is mobile adaptive. As you have access to your email with your Yahoo Mail app


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Create a New Yahoo Account

To enjoy your Yahoo Business email you must have a yahoo account. If you already have one now you don’t need one but if you don’t get an account now. Here are the steps for getting a Yahoo Business account.

  • Go to the official yahoo website at
  • Once you have logged into the website, go and click on the “Sign in” post icon on the right side of the page.
  • Next, navigate down and click the “Create an account” button
  • Enter your details in the blank column you will see.
  • Verify all your details
  • After confirmation, click the “Continue” button
  • You will receive a congratulatory message indicating successful account registration.


Create a Yahoo business Email Account

You may want to know how to create a business email address for your business. Follow these simple steps to create your own yahoo business account.

  1. Access the Yahoo business page
  2. Login to your Web hosting control panel
  3. Click the Email tab
  4. Then click on “Enter an email user
  5. Next, add the username and email address you would like to use
  6. Click the next button
  7. Choose from your user access options between these two options but I recommend the first option.
  8. Click the next button
  9. Type the user’s email address and domain name
  10. Then click the next button.
  11. Yahoo will send a user email with congratulatory message
  12. Scroll down and click the “Finish” button

At tis point you have successfully create yahoo business email, thereafter log in and go to settings to finish up. Similarly, for more enquires visit Yahoo business email support.

Yahoo Mail login

It is not only necessary to create a yahoo account but also important knowing how to sign in to your account. Follow these simple steps below:

  • Visit the yahoo site at
  • On the site, search and click on the Mail “Inbox” icon
  • Quickly click on the post icon and open it,
  • Enter your Yahoo ID and password, your email address or phone number.
  • Scroll down and click the “Sign In” button.