PayPal Sign Up – How to Create PayPal Account for Free

PayPal Sign Up

PayPal sign up is an account that enables users to make payment on a secured internet platform. This payment gateway allows users to transfer money from one account to the other via online transactions on safe ground. However, people make purchases of items in different stores from the comfort of their home, while the payment is done through PayPal account.

Basically, to own a valid account such an individual must go through the process of opening a PayPal account which is usually free and can be done on your mobile device or install the app. PayPal is very safe, easy, and fast either to receive funds or transfer funds, is widely accepted as a mode of payment by most online merchants including eBay.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a reputable financial platform where you can transfer or receive money worldwide. It was established by Ken Howery, Max Levchin, Elon Musk, Peter Theil, and Yu Pan.

PayPal has millions of active operating accounts because the platform is secure and efficient on its services. This has prompted a lot of people to create PayPal account; even businesses are not left out on PayPal sign up account for free.

The services rendered on this platform include sending money to loved ones, friend, online payment to stores for items bought, groceries, restaurants, gas station, etc. on the other hand, some payment is not allowed like gambling, selling or buying prescribed drugs from an unauthorized person or non-certified person. In other to use this platform effectively your credit or debit card will be linked to your PayPal account, as soon as it is done the sky is your limit.


PayPal Sign Up Process

PayPal sign up procedure is simple and free. Sign up here and enjoy a very quiet way to pay and be paid, though your bank account details are also required including your debit or credit card info. These will enable you to access all the features else you can’t perform any transaction successfully. To get started follow these steps below:

  • On your browser type
  • On the homepage, click the sign up button on the top right side
  • Select account type either Personal or Business account and click continue
  • Enter your First name, last name, email address and password for the account, click on continue
  • Add your office or residential address, phone number and other info required and continue
  • Finally, click on the blue Create Account button, then add your credit or debit card info (Enter your card numbers, expiry date, and the 3 last digits behind the card) and tap add card. Immediately your PayPal account will be created.
  • Instantly, you will receive and email asking you to verify your account, just click on the link send by PayPal and confirm it. just to ensure you are the real owner.

Similarly, for safety purposes your debit or credit card will be verified before you start using PayPal account, PayPal will Charge $1.95 on your card and instantly the account will be debited. Never mind because the money will be refunded back to the account between 3-5 days interval, although if you don’t have an idea such deduction will be made and credited back to the account one might fill bad, so your money is save.


Benefit Derived for Using PayPal

  1. The safety of your credit/debit card is guarantee and secure from online hackers.
  2. PayPal services are free; the case of processing fee or service charge is not applicable to this online platform.
  3. There is room for multiple accounts that will enable you to fund either the debit card or the credit card base on its flexibility.
  4. They provide proper record keeping take can always take you back to the point of when an account was actually opened.
  5. Henceforth, iPhone users can equally shop online and transfer accordingly on the go! With the help of the app that is being made available.
  6. PayPal is now a regular means of payment on most shopping websites, widely accepted means of payment online.

The outstanding mode of services rendered by this platform makes it stand out among all other means of online payment