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Google News

Google News is a unique platform created to keep you updated with the latest news on what’s happening around the globe such as breaking news headlines; with more detailed info that follows.

Google News is basically a news aggregator app launch by Google to effectively organize the flow of articles coming from publishers and magazines; which is successfully displayed on the News platform where users will be able to access it.

This initiative was to support journalists as they collect data and source information across the world, and how it’s been rolled out on Google News entertainment. However, Google News App is also available on iOS, Android, and the Web respectively.

In September 2002 Google launched the beta version of this app; while the official app was released in 2006. It’s rated as the largest news aggregator in the world.


Don’t Get Confused with Google News

Google News and Weather has always been on Android devices from time immemorial until August 2014. When it was revamped and rebuild into a modern contemporary application that is available in Google Play Store. There were different updates that cut across various Countries as the edition subscribed to can be controlled within the settings menu; meanwhile, it is linked to user’s Google account.

Similarly, the Widget gadget at the top main view can equally be configured to show weather reports based on the current location or be done manually.

Furthermore, the Google News and Weather aggregator app earlier developed by Google was terminated in October 2018. What happened to Google News topics and headlines? In the same year, Google had earlier announced the merging of Google News and Weather with Google Play Newsstand into a single service provider called Google News.

As of 2013 over fifty thousand Google News is viewed worldwide in 35 languages as of 2015, there are different versions for over sixty regions.


The New Google News

The new Google News has taken the place of 2 top leading platforms that was merged together as one, they are as follows:

  • Google News and Weather
  • Google Play Newsstand

Therefore, those users on News and Weather will need to download the new app, while people in Play Newsstand get the app automatically, should in case yours didn’t replace automatically visit play store and download the new Google News App.


Features of Google News

The features are mainly to keep you abreast of top world news, Headlines, and local news either from your mobile device or desktop. Certainly, you won’t miss out on current news.

Click Headlines for the latest top stories – see breaking news both locally and internationally.

  • To check for more stories concerning certain subjects you want to know more about, click on the tab labeled “For You” as you follow topics to stay updated on things you care about.
  • To explore extensively into a story without argument, click Full Coverage for more and videos.
  • On local coverage, search location and click follow.
  • Care for your own topics? Then search area of interest tap and follow
  • In other to see more stories coming from a certain publication, search the source and click follow.
  • Find new publications in the Newsstand, personalized news stories that best represent the area of interest
  • Discover your existing subscriptions and opt-in your follow.

Browse to access favorite magazines and news just by tapping any of the buttons mentioned above for more news and they are all in a readable mobile-optimized format.


How to Download App

Steps on how to download the app in your device

  1. Go to your device apps drawer and open Google play store
  2. Search for Google News on the App store
  3. When the page opens, scroll down and click on the install button
  4. As soon as the download is completed it will install automatically to your device, sign in with your Google account and sync preferences.


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