Gmail Sign In – How to Sign In to My Gmail Account

Gmail Sign In

Gmail sign in is a platform where an already existing user log in to their Gmail account with a username and password, it is also known as Google mail login account.

However, Gmail is an email service rendered by Google; it’s a free internet service for both new and existing users.  It enables a user to send and receive mails and access other Google platforms without necessarily opening another account, rather you are giving the opportunity to either proceed with the information giving when setting up a Gmail account.

Meanwhile, before you can use Gmail sign in, it means you have created a Gmail account prior before now, so each time you want to check mails, messages and the like simply sign in and view all inbox messages. Similarly, with the help of Android, iPad, iPhone, iOS mobile device people no longer log out on their phones except on computers that are for general use.


Amazing Benefits of Gmail Sign in

Google platform has made it easy and simple that a user can sign up Gmail account and conveniently use the following platforms below

  • Google play store
  • Google drive
  • YouTube
  • Google keeps
  • Google map
  • Translator
  • Google calendar

The moment you log in to any device this platform is available for use, simply provide the correct username and email address


How to Sign in to Gmail Using an Android Device

In your Android phone or tablet, you can sign in to a Gmail account and non-Gmail account using a Gmail app successfully.

  1. Open Gmail on your tablet or Android phone
  2. At the top right side of your screen, tap your picture profile
  3. Next is to click add account
  4. Select the type of account you intend to add
  5. Simply follow the instruction on the screen as you add your account
  6. Lastly, when done log in to your Gmail on your phone


 Sign in Using a Computer

To access Gmail, it can be done from a computer

  1. Simply go to on your computer
  2. Secondly, enter your Google account email or phone number and password
  3. After the information is filled and it seems you’re a third-party user, then sign in to a different account. Just click use another account.
  4. Lastly, when you see a page describing Gmail rather than the sign-in page, click on sign-in at the top right side of the page.


How to Use IOS Devices, iPad and iPhone

When using an iPhone or iPad you can add more than one account Gmail and non-Gmail in your Google app.

  1. Download app from play store if necessary
  2. Open Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad
  3. Top left side, tap the menu
  4. Click account address
  5. Click manage accounts
  6. Enter Gmail username and password

Finally, after adding your account you’re signed in automatically whenever you open the app, consequently, for troubleshooting problems such as can’t access your account, forgot your username and password or need help with 2-step verification.

Gmail Sign In

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