How To Create Gmail Account | Gmail Sign Up

create gmail account

A simple and easy guide on how to create Gmail Account.

Gmail offers free email services widely used around the world. The G stands for Google, since it was created to provide web services.

However, for every successful Gmail sign up account, the address usually contain @Gmail indicating Gmail web services are dully accessed via the internet.

Moreover, some vital information is required like name, date of birth, location, and gender, as well as choice name for the new Gmail address is very important.

Basically, you can create Gmail account for different purposes such as new Gmail account for others, Gmail sign in add account, Gmail login different user, and Gmail account3.

The good aspect of it is this, you can create Gmail without phone number or with phone number the choice is all yours.

Gmail offers services that can filter spam, scan emails, Trojan and malware that may cause harm to a computer, perfect for backup and archive mail, especially old emails.

How to Create a Gmail Account

Gmail is free like I stated early, simply follow this step-by-step guide below to open a new Gmail account you may link to your Hotmail account, Yahoo mail and the likes.

  1. First of all, visit
  2. Secondly, click on create an account
  3. Thirdly, fill the form starting with your first name, last name, and then choose a preferred username
  4. Fourthly, enter password endeavor to choose up to 8 or more characters letters, numbers, mix with symbol it helps to strengthen security of your password, then confirm password.
  5. At the end click on the next button it will open the next page.
  6. Enter phone number though is optional you can skip while you continue filling the form (the phone is used to verify your account)
  7. Verification code is sent to the phone number provided, it is expected of you to type in the code and click verify.
  8. The next page opens type in date of birth
  9. Type in gender
  10. Finally, click on next
  11. Google privacy policy and terms appear immediately just click on I agree, a new email account with is assigned to you.

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Upon completion of successfully creating a Gmail account, the user can log in to the account to view it first massage from Google congratulating such a person to get started and enjoy your new Gmail account.