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Microsoft Email

Microsoft email account enables you to access other Microsoft applications and services like, OneDrive, Windows, Hotmail, Office Live, Xbox, Skype, or Messenger when sign in with your email address and password.

Basically, windows usually require Microsoft account information before you will be able to enjoy different features as well as buy apps, on the other hand, one can create, share and edit documents using Office 365, share files and document in OneDrive.

Similarly, Microsoft account is mainly free that can be equally used when accessing Microsoft devices, for instance, Web-based email like which is also known as,, While for the Office Online product they are majorly Windows, Bing, OneDrive, Xbox Live, Microsoft Store, and Skype.

Most importantly, there is the chances are that you have used either of these services before, so on that note, you already have an existing account. This account can be created with an email address as user name plus addresses from Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook, lucky enough one password is all you need to access other Microsoft facilities thereafter ensure Microsoft account security for safety purposes which is the key to a successful account.

Features of Microsoft Email

People are connected to one form of email account or the other, and virtually all activity is now online as users stay connected at all times. These are some of features MS mails

  • Notification: the 24-hour update on activity happening on your email as well as latest information’s on any changes or update on their domain likewise on new innovations.
  • Contact: it syncs all contacts to email, in other to create a better platform for communication with contact.
  • Security: the security settings enable you navigate and tighten security to your email, then create a strong password to protect your email accounts.
  • Calendar: they always want to help you plan and organize things around you at all times, with calendar users monitor events, they are current on happening, while lovers of sports don’t miss out on sporting events.

How to Create Microsoft Email – Hotmail Sign up Login |

However, in case you don’t have Microsoft account endeavor to create one using this simple step-by-step guide will certainly help.

  1. First and foremost, visit
  2. Secondly, select Sign in if you already have account else, select create a Microsoft account, at this point you will definitely choose one and click enter.
  3. Thirdly, enter an email address chosen by you, with use a phone number instead or click get a new email address then click next.
  4. Select a domain and enter your password
  5. At this point fill your personal information such as name, gender, DOB, and country in setting up your account.
  6. Finally, a character will appear on the screen enter it, if it’s not clear reselect new one and enter.


In conclusion, the moment you enter the right characters, the email will appear immediately and subsequently sent you an email containing a welcome message, you now have Microsoft email that will always be used to sign in into other Microsoft account.

Microsoft Email

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