Find My iPhone on Mac – How to Find iPhone on Mac

Find My iPhone on Mac

Did you misplace your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or laptop? Or was it stolen? Try using find my iPhone on Mac to locate your device as well as protect your information from hackers if it’s being stolen.

In other words, there are other Apple applications that can be used to track stolen or lost iPhones such as macOS, iOS device and iPadOS. Simply download and install this app and sign in with Apple ID already used for iCloud.

Meanwhile, this latest version of find my iPhone app is known as ‘Find My’ which is seen in every iPhone iOS 13 device, while find my iPhone on Mac was actually an older version of this application software in Apple that enables people remotely locate there lost Apple devices.

Basically, setting up this device helps you track the exact locations where your iPhone, Mac, Airpods, Apple Watch, iPod touch is, so don’t just sit back and do nothing when your mobile device is missing or stolen.

Recently, a friend narrated how his iPhone was snatched away from him by a man on a bike, luckily enough he has already set up Find My iPhone on the device in case of such a horrible incident. He was able to track his iPhone last location on the axis not very far from where the iPhone was actually snatched, your guess is as good as mine, he eventually found it.


How to Set-up Find My iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod touch, AirPods

  • First, go to settings
  • Click on your name
  • Click on iCloud
  • In the app that has iCloud section, scroll in other to see find my iPhone
  • Then click on find my iPhone and immediately it turns on, tap the next button to send your last location.

In case you are being asked to sign in, use your Apple ID and sign in if you don’t have create one and then pair with your other device so that it will set up automatically.

However, when this is set up in your iPhone before it is declared missing or stolen at this point it is much easier to locate, else there is nothing that can be done when this command is not activated on your iPhone.


How to Find My iPhone on Mac

Obviously at one point or the other one is bound to lose his/her iPhone Android or misplaced it, but don’t get yourself so worked up because with the help of Find my iPhone on Mac which was actually made for such a time like this.

Certainly, this app aids to navigate the location where it is the moment is connected online.

  • Go to System preference
  • Click and open iCloud
  • Scroll down and click on Find My Mac
  • Immediately tap on the Allow icon that pops up
  • The next step is to Checkmark to find My Mac with the use of a computer device location, simply Allow.

Similarly, you can equally use iCloud to find your Mac whichever way, closely follow the procedure below.

How to make use of iCloud to Find My Mac

  1. In your browser enter
  2. Secondly, enter Apple ID or Mac email address and sign in straight to iCloud, when completing this step on your Mac Home screen you may likely get a pop-up notification of a new sign-in on your iCloud account with a code for verification
  3. Thirdly, gently enter said verification code thereafter, click on the red button and you will be signed in instantly
  4. Lastly, click on Find iPhone, then click on My Device and select the name of your Mac.

In conclusion, when all process is complete close all app and return to the iPhone home page.

Find My iPhone on Mac

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