How to Create New Yahoo Email Account – Yahoo Account Setup

how to open a yahoo email account

Yahoo email account is free and can easily be created to enjoy the following services such as accessing email from a mobile device or computer provided there is an internet connection.

The moment a Yahoo account is created it generates an email address known as personal email ID new account which can be used to access other services offered by yahoo such as news feed, address book, entertainment, Finance, weather, fantasy football,and others.

Moreover, creating a Yahoo account enable the user sends and receives mail via Hotmail, Gmail and AOL, on the other hand, an online storage data file is released where mails and thousands of attached document saves without necessarily looking out for service like Google keeps, Google drive, or dropbox to save your files.

Why You Need Yahoo Email Account

Yahoo mail services is one of the top search engines on internet world with amazing products and services that enables you create other accounts linking back to an existing account such as when you create an account for Facebook or Google email account using Yahoo mail account to recovery password.

Meanwhile, you can create Yahoo account without phone number depending on how you chose to open the account; it can easily be created using a mobile device.

Yahoo contacts automatically pop out if such a name has been used before in sending mails the same way as using a sim card.

Yahoo messenger can as well be used to chat with friends who are on the net at that particular moment, it commonly refers to as real time chat Yahoo messenger.

Its user-friendly, it can be access on your mobile device at any point in time without logging into a computer desktop or laptop in other to check important mails/messages.

Yahoo mail is composed send using mail while information is saved and stored on its database.

Yahoo mail Sign Up New Account – How to Create Yahoo Account Free

To create a new yahoo account is very simple either on your mobile device or desktop, there are step by step method on how to sign up new account.

  • Open your internet browser, simply Log on to in yahoo home page
  • Secondly, click on create an account (sign up) button which will take you to the next step.
  • Thirdly, fill in the basic information required as follows: Full name, password, gender, date of birth etc.
  • Create an email address (email name) and strong passwords that can secure your personal information then click on continue, which means you agree to the terms and policy.
  • The next step is to fill in your phone number for account confirmation as well as recovery of your account in case you forgot password in future.
  • Lastly, the user is asked to verify phone number provided and code is been sent to that phone which will be entered to verify.

Basically, this same method can also be used to create a email address

Note that at this point user has successfully completed the yahoo account sign up, therefore he/she will be able to access all features associated with yahoo mail services.