AOL Email Account – Create New AOL Email Account

AOL Email Account

Do you have AOL account? It is important you create AOL email account to also benefit from this free web-based email service powered by AOL; it’s very easy to create and login to this platform.

Email is another way of communication either to a friend, family, or clients as well as business associates. AOL email services are used worldwide and very common in the United States of America.  American Online is the full meaning of AOL, a brand marketed by Verizon Media.

Basically, AOL Mail services share the same features with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and the likes. These also include Mail, Entertainment, News, Finance, Lifestyle, Games, and Videos. However, for you to explore these services fully, you will definitely need to create AOL account free and login to your free AOL.


AOL Mail Account

AOL mail helps you connect and interact with loved ones, friends using a personalized mail. In the same vein, it further intensifies your messages via Smartphones, computers, tablets, and other devices provided there is an updated web-browser. Sign up into this platform and explore all the interesting features that come along with it.


How to Create a New AOL Email Account

First and foremost, new users signing up for an AOL mail account should choose a username, then a password, ensure your device is internet-enabled. However, this can either be on an  Android Smartphone, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Desktop computer, or Laptops.

Simply follow the steps below as you create a new AOL email account. The required information needed are easy to complete at the comfort of your home or anywhere.

  • First of all, go to your web-browser
  • Secondly, type in and tap enter key, the AOL homepage will appear.
  • Click on Login/Join button to get started
  • Click on the sign-up tab which will take you to the next page
  • Sign up page opens immediately, and then provide the necessary details like First name, Last name, Username, password, and phone number. Lastly, Gender, Country zips code and D.O.B.
  • Click the continue button to proceed
  • Follow the onscreen steps and complete all registration, at this point you will be asked to verify your phone number whereby a Verification code is sent to your mobile number provided for authentication.
  • Type in the code send to your phone and click on verify.


The verification timeout last for only 60 seconds after that, it there means a new code is needed in other to complete the process else you will start all over again. Certainly, with the above steps, you are able to successfully create America Online (AOL) email account.

On the other hand, the moment an account is created a congratulatory message will be received that confirms the creation of a new account; you can as well log in immediately into your account.


How to Add AOL Email to iPhone

  1. Click on Settings app icon on your iPhone, locate Mail, Contacts and the Calendar option.
  2. Click on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars button. It will take you to settings page of Mail, Contacts, and Calendar.
  3. It will open current page of all email accounts list with add a new account option, click on the Add option and add your new email account.
  4. Tap the add button it will open a list of options like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail AOL Mail and the rest.
  5. Select from the listed options AOL Mail and enter AOL email ID and password, the address which includes
  6. Enter all information required and click on Next button on the top right side of your iPhone to continue the process.
  7. At this point, the iPhone connects AOL log in server to verify the information entered by your on previews page.
  8. With correct information provided the account synced with iPhone and present options for changes on your AOL mail account.
  9. At this point you can easily import all AOL emails from the server to iPhone if not necessary quietly close the slider option next to Notes and mails.
  10. The moment you’re true with the changes on your account, click on save button in other to complete the process of installation of AOL Mail on your iPhone.

There email services are free with free storage, it also has the ability to redirect automatically phishing scheme straight to the trash folder.