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Facebook Video Downloader

Preserve Exclusive Videos with Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook video downloader app is a device that enables users download videos online from Facebook website for free. Facebook videos are hosted on Facebook servers, just the way YouTube videos are being hosted on Google servers. More often the URL or Facebook video link you see on Facebook is not the real source of the video file hosted on the Facebook server (it maybe embedded). Sometimes is actually okay to find out the source of a Facebook video as it makes it easier for you to download.

However, Facebook is a social media platform that connects us with our loved ones. While Facebook Video is an Mp4 video shared by Facebook users. Facebook as a social media platform were people meet and make new friends, share different ideas, Post photos and as well as videos. This exactly brings us to how we can download Facebook videos shared by friends on Facebook, even on a Facebook Group or Facebook page.

Furthermore, there is also Facebook video downloader 720p, for iPhones, PC, and downloader for chrome.

How Do I Download Facebook Video From Facebook?

Downloading a Facebook video is very easy; what you are required to do is simply copy the video URL link and paste it into any of the websites below. This will help download the video successfully and fast.

  • Getfbstuff
  • Getfvid
  • Fbdown
  • Save as
  • Fbdownloader


Getfbstuff Facebook video downloader

This is an online device that helps you download Facebook videos in MP4 format as well as a good HD quality on your devices (Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux, and Mac.). The Fb video downloader app goes to the Facebook video page; and retrieves the MP4 video links then download. This is a free tool for downloading videos on Facebook, without the need to install a plugin or software.

Getfbstuff has make downloading Facebook video a simple process that only takes two easy steps to download fb video.


How to download Facebook videos with Getfbstuff’s Facebook Video Downloader

  1. To download fb video, copy link to Facebook video.
  2. Paste the Facebook video link in the fb video downloader input box (above), then tap the “Download” button.
  3. The fb video downloader will unearth links of high quality MP4 video, from which you can choose to download any quality that suits you best.



Getfvid FB video receiver

Getfvid is an online tool used to convert Facebook URLs to Mp4 videos and Mp3 audio formats, after which you can save them freely on your device. Similarly, the platform does not require any form of registration. Just copy the URL of your FB video in the box provided. Lastly, tape the Download button to save the video to your PC.



Fbdownload is undoubtedly the fastest online tool to download Facebook videos online for free.

Copy the video URL you want by right-clicking on the video and clicking the video URL. Highlight and copy the displayed link.

Paste the Facebook video link in the box provided on the website and click on Go.

Finally, you should see your video now displayed, ready to download. Right-click> Save as> Select the desired location on your computer or smartphone.


Fbdown Free Online Facebook Video Downloader

Fbdown is the most popular tool for downloading Facebook videos. The Facebook URL should also be entered in the box provided. Tap enter to start downloading. Don’t forget that you need to specify your download location.