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Free Soundcloud Music app

Soundcloud App Download

The free Soundcloud Music app downloader is an app that lets you listen, record, upload and share tracks with a vibrant user community. Soundcloud is a music platform for both listeners and creators. The Soundcloud mobile app allows you to send messages to other users on the platform, join and participate in group activities.

You can record and upload your own tracks and share privately or publicly. You can also download your favorite tracks from the Free Soundcloud music download app, using the Soundcloud mp3 down-loader. With the free Soundcloud Music app, you can follow other users on the platform, and send a message to them privately. You can join and participate in group activities that include singing.

The free music downloader app can be used on both Android and iOS phones. You can use Soundcloud as a guest but to access your playlist, you will be asked to create a Soundcloud account. Creating a soundcloud account is free and very easy to use. But before you can create a soundloud account, you must first download the soundcloud app on your devices.

How to Download Soundcloud App Free

You can download the app or for free at the app store. Go to your android, or your iOS device and follow the steps listed below.

  • On the App Store page, search for the soundcloud app by clicking the search box.
  • On the results page you are in, tap on the first result.
  • Next page is the page download.
  • Click on the green “download” tab which you will see on the page.
  • Then wait a minute for the download to complete.
  • When the download is complete, then install and launch the app by tapping on the “open” tab.

Soundcloud Account Registration

There are virtually two ways you can sign up for a soundcloud account. It can be by using your Facebook account information or by google. To sign up with your Facebook account details, follow the steps to roar.

  • After the souncloud app is launched, click on “Continue Facebook” on the soundcloud page.
  • You will be directed to a page where you have to fill in your Facebook login details in the text box [email address or sim number and password].
  • Then click on “accept and continue”.
  • What to do on the next page, type in your age and indicate your gender.
  • After that click on get “started”.

If you fill in your Facebook login details correctly, you will be directed to the soundcloud page.

For Google Sign Up Follow the Bellow Listed Step

  • On the page of soundcloud, tap on “continue to google”
  • Now type in your email address the + n / d button on the continue button”
  • Type the password you would like to use and make sure you remember the password if you want to
  • upload next time.
  • Verify that you are human by tapping on the CAPTCHA you see on the form.

Click on “continue”

The next thing you need to do is select the display name you want to use and click on Start ”

  • Expect a confirmation post to be sent to you by the email you provided for the account.
  • After receiving the verification email, then confirm the email straight from your account.

How to Play Offline Tracks

The only way to play your favorite offline tracks is to add them to your favorite list. Clear steps will guide you on how to do that.

  • Go to your Soundcloud app and tap on it to unlock.
  • Now Search for your favorite song using the search box at the top of the page. once you find the song you were looking for, Play it and click on the “Heart” tab at the bottom of the track.

The song will be automatically save to your favorite list. You can play offline by simply going to your favorite list.