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Wapdam is a free online web portal where you can download Waptirck mp3 music, videos, java games, and mobile apps for phone, photo, and other categories of download. Wapdam is known to be an old internet site and it entertains lots of visitors daily; furthermore, this portal runs in different languages.

Wapdam website is no more available, rather it has integrated into the Waptrick website.

There are other websites similar to it such as Zamob, Mexicowap, Waphan, and Zonkwap; they have been in existence over time users can always download straight to phone media files.


Wapdam Website

Searching for a Wap portal where you can download free ring tones, free mp3 music, wallpaper, free videos, and theme and lots more?  Wapdam.com in its new name waptrick.com is a place where you can easily download free movies, music, app, and games for Java phone, Android device, and IOS device.

What exactly happened to wapdam is that since they merge with waptrick and the site keeps redirecting its users to waptrick.one and other clone sites the search has really dropped. People no longer visit the site as they use to in other to download stuff they want to view.


Wapdam, Waptrick, Wapdan and Others

Internet users of this age and time don’t see anything wrong downloading varieties of digital media; above all, the content coming from the site is lightweight and it doesn’t consume much data. This site is designed to accommodate browsers of old mobile devices.

However, users can access good music file for as low as 10 MB from Waptrick which is like a key attraction without any stress navigating the site. In other words, the Wap dam, Waptrick clone site has always been the ideal place to visit for mobile content download. On a daily basis, this site is updated with Wapdam content; looking out for the latest, music, videos, and game go through Waptrick URL.


Wapdam Media File Search

Wapdam search bar makes it easier for users to locate and identify a particular file and download it from this portal. The search bar is easy to navigate if you have a name of what you want to download; follow this simple step below and search.

  1. Go to www.waptrick.com website
  2. Click on the search bar button at the homepage
  3. Enter a file name you want and click on search button
  4. It will display search results on your screen, select from the results.
  5. Click as the file will come under videos, listing to mp3 music, games just choose the file you want.
  6. Click on the file, tap the download button as the file download into your device.

Basically, with these simple steps, you can download what you want from Wapdam.


Wapdam 2020 Categories Available for Free Download

In wapdam all the categories are free on this website and no subscription of any forms neither; will you register for an account. Users are being provided with features on each category for free media files to download. Secondly, there is no exact limit as to what you can download at a time, the categories are as follows:

  • Mp3 music
  • Mobile App
  • Java games
  • Videos
  • E-book
  • Tv Series
  • Wallpapers
  • Movies
  • Photos and Pictures

Daily updates on media files are also available.


How to Download Wapdam Music

On the internet, music is the most downloaded file around the world. Wapdam gives you the best mp3 quality and assorted music of your choice. Lots of people down know how to download songs to their mobile devices; here are simple steps on how to download music on mobile devices.

  1. Go to waptrick.com on your browser
  2. Click on the mo3 music through the site homepage and choose the category to download
  3. Tap on the actual music you want to download
  4. Choose the quality of the music and select either the low quality, standard, or high-quality music.
  5. The moment you select the category of music it starts downloading to the end.


How to Download Wapdam Games 2020

This platform enables you to access different types of games that can easily be downloaded to your Android device, IOS, IPad, laptops, and desktop. Simply select from classic, action, movie, kids, racing, casino, arcade, Christmas, mind, sports, puzzle, or the music category of games and download.

  1. Go to Wapdam website through Waptrick.com
  2. Choose games then select from the list of categories
  3. Tap on the exact game you want to download
  4. Click on the download icon to download your game.

Most importantly, when a downloaded game isn’t working perfectly on your device kindly uninstall and repeat the process of downloading it again.