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Google Maps

Google Maps app is a GPS navigation that helps users beat heavy traffic and save time base on its automatic live traffic update and alternate route on road closures and incidents. Google maps is a real-time web mapping service solely developed by Google, is the most popular and reliable traffic app. This app also enables its users to explore their immediate environments like nearby Restaurants, Fuel station, and possible short cut to their destinations. It is mostly found in busy cities around the world.

Basically, this web map offers interactive zooming and panning, satellite imagery, street maps, aerial photo, location details, directions, and street views concerning a particular place when embarking on a trip either by car, motorbike, bicycle, and walking on foot.

Get the direction and location of a street from current location, feel at home never the less, don’t get lost in streets with your GPS Map.


Is Google Maps a GPS App?

Google Maps Navigation GPS is a mobile app that is restricted to browses; users of this application must have an internet connection to be able to search for a location. Secondly, poor network connect will definitely hinder its services, since the images will not be able to load properly. This mobile app is available on iOS operating system and Android devices.

The Google Maps app is free; there is no subscription fee or charges attached to these services. In the same vein, downloading the app is equally free including all the features like satellite view, direction, and others.


How to Use Google Maps on Android and iOS devices

Google Map comes by default on Android device and can also be downloaded and installed right from the Google Play Store. Very easy to configure and use to monitor traffic updates. You can download a Google map for windows as well. The Maps Embed API, there is Maps SDK for Android, and iOS device is all free.


  • Click the Map app on your phone and tap the button by your left-hand side, lose to the search here box. As the page open sign-in your Google account after that, click on Your Place. You can opt to set work and home addresses, users have the opportunity to select an icon that represents each address.
  • Slide down and locate share, at this point you may share current location with loved ones or friends as they share with you. Inform your friend to click on the “Get Started” icon on the Google maps location sharing. You can choose duration either for 1 hour or 2hours depending on what you decide on by clicking the minus or plus sign. Thereafter the user clicks option for more this will share the person’s location on Facebook or WhatsApp
  • Scroll down for settings in other to configure while you test the following:-

Navigation Settings: The users try out the Google map and enable voice play option during calls, adds driving shortcuts on the home screen as well as driving notifications.

Commute Settings: here users click clicks set home address, and go through the preference to boost experience using the map.

Sign out of Google Maps: When users are no longer interested using this map they can    sign out and instantly, the pin symbols saved on the map will be removed

  • Slide to the left and enter the Map properly, below is three (3) alternatives DRIVING, EXPLORE, and TRANSPORT. Tap on the driving button to view details as follows: The RED shows heavy traffic, while the AMBER light indicates moving or slow traffic.


The EXPLORE button shows nearby Gas station, Restaurants, Cafes, Mall, Stadium. The GREEN thick lines indicate know traffic. Tap on the GO button manually and enter a destination while Google map calculates the possible shortest route if you are satisfied with the result, click the START button and pay attention to the voice prompt on how to reach your destination.

Moreover, you can download a map location to your tablet or phone and use it to find your way to your destination thereby limiting the use of mobile data. In some cases, the issue of network or Wi-Fi connection or coverage would be a problem. Discover places as you explore using the offline maps to navigate and search.