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Create Facebook account

Create Facebook account to enable you sign-in to the most popular social media platform in the world. Regardless of people’s age and status, they all want to follow this trendy App and have an account on Facebook. However, this App has won the heart of virtually every individual either young or old as a result of the huge benefit it offers at your doorstep, so, user’s just can’t let go of this wonderful social media platform.

Basically, creating a Facebook account is not only for individuals alone but also for businesses, groups, and associations that love to enjoy Facebook unlimited access in reaching out through the use of videos, sharing photos and sending out messages.

This post will enlighten you more on how to sign up for a new Facebook account now. Most importantly, to set up a new Facebook account, users are to fill the new Facebook account registration form where personal information is given that makes up the account profile. Similarly, without going through this process the person will not be able to log in to my account, (when I said my account I am actually referring to the user’s own account).

Benefits of Creating Facebook Account

  • There are lots of other benefits you can derive from this platform; certainly, the original aim of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook concerning this platform is to bring people together across the whole world. Aside from that, there are other benefits a user is term to derive after the sign-up process.
  • Creating Facebook account provides users with the ability to communicate with families and friends effectively as they send photos and uploads videos at any point in time.
  • These platforms provide users with this unique feature called Facebook Messenger, where messages can be tailored down to a private discussion channel for both users. Hence, for public messages you can add your story, in the same vein, it enables you to send and receive messages.
  • In other words, search engine optimization can be used to search for friends and people you want to contact and interact with, it very easy to use buy simply typing in the person’s name then search.
  • Fb account owner has the right to manage their account and change setting and profile picture whenever they fill like. Users are able to control who sees them from the privacy settings, make changes to their profile as they advance in all works of life.
  • Your Facebook account can as well be used for business or personal purposes.

How to Create a Facebook account – Facebook Account Sign Up

To create a new Facebook account users must ensure their device is connected to the internet, because some device is not internet-enabled, follow the step below to complete this process.

  1. First of all, go to your web browser and open
  2. Secondly, Click on create account on your homepage and fill out the necessary information required, like first name, last name.
  3. Thirdly, enter email address or your Phone number
  4. Enter a password, date of birth and gender
  5. Finally tap the create account button as you sign up to a new FB account, thereafter, an email is sent to you containing a link click on the link to activate your Facebook account.

Users should endeavor to protect their password and keep it safe, they can also enhance their profile by uploading a profile picture, by doing so, its easier to recognize such a person. Search for friends and families and send out friend requests.