Hotmail Email – How to Login to Your Hotmail Account

Hotmail email

Hotmail email, with the advent of Gmail and Yahoomail, the account now seems to be fading out and most users think it is no longer functioning. Since so many users have been involved with Hotmail email as it was once trending, they may have a need to check the messages in their Hotmail account.

The purpose of this write-up is to let users know that the Hotmail login account is still active and access to it is possible and easy. With just a few steps you can gain access to your account which you may have presumed lost, and which may contain useful information from sites you have linked up with that account.

How to Login to your Hotmail Email Account –Hotmail Sign in

Basically, with the new Microsoft account, access to vagaries of sites has been made easy. In order to log-in to your Hotmail account, follow the steps below:

  • Visit or locate it on ‘my MSN account’
  • Click on the “sign-in” button and input your phone number or registered e-mail, then click “next”
  • Input your login details as required and click on the sign-in button. This will take you directly to your new Hotmail inbox page.

If you should experience any problems while trying to log in, then take note of the following:

  • Try running an update for your phone, laptop and/or browser.
  • Re-check the login in details you have provided
  • If problem persists, try re-setting the password with the password reset link.

The task of checking Hotmail messages is for only active users on the platform who have valid Hotmail ID. Other requirements are; internet connection, MSN account, and a functional browser.

Some users also experience problems even when they are successfully logged into their Hotmail account. This may be due to a log of abandoned messages which may have taken up a huge part of the entire storage or due to a browser version which does not support the account. If you are unable to see some messages sent by other users, then try to delete unwanted messages especially from the sub-folders like trash, and junk.


How to Create New Hotmail Email Account

This is mainly for new users who wish to create a new Hotmail account, follow the processes below

  1. Visit the site in your web browser.
  2. Click the “create account” button.
  3. Enter any email address of your choice. This will be the name/address for activities with your email.
  4. Enter a secure password that you can recall and click on the “next” button.
  5. Fill in the form that appears and press the “next” button for other forms.
  6. You will receive verification code at the end of all these to your phone number, and this marks the end of the registration process.

However, with the above steps to check or create your email Hotmail, there won’t be any more excuses for not using your MSN account.