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Epic Games is already on top of their game, and they are presently celebrating their Epic Mega Sale, with a variety of interesting deals now available to gamers.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Until June 17, you have one final chance to save up to 75% on fantastic games and earn Epic Coupons!

The Epic Games Store gives a free game that ends 11 a.m. on June 17th, 2021. It’s another major one to round out the next week of the current Mega Sale by Remedy’s fantastic Control. The action-adventure is free.

However, the acclaimed 2019 action-adventure will by individuals who have a free Epic Games Store account.

Control received eight nominations for The Game Awards 2019, winning one (Best Art Direction), as well as another eight nominations for the 23rd D.I.C.E. Awards.

Control is a supernatural/sci-fi thriller, similar to Remedy’s earlier big-budget titles Alan Wake and Quantum Break.


Discord Nitro on Epic Games

Discord Nitro enables users to improve their Discord voice, text chat experiences, and video with a variety of interesting rewards. Nitro provides its customers with a variety of animated avatars and unique tags to utilize. Aside from that, there are two server boosts and a 30% discount on extra boosts, the option to collect and create their own emojis, profile badges to show support, larger uploads of roughly 100 MB, and the option to utilize hi-res video, screen sharing, and Go Live streaming. Keep in mind that this free offer is only available to those who have never used Discord Nitro.


How Can I Reset My Epic Games password?

Whenever you can’t log in to your Epic Games account, follow these step –by-step guideline to rest your Fortnite Epic Games Password Log In to your account.


  • Open the Password And Security settings on your account’s Account Info page.
  • In the Current Password area, type your current password.
  • In the New Password area, type the new password you’d want to use.
  • It’s important to note that your password cannot be the same as any of your previous five passwords. It must include at least one number, one letter, and no spaces, and it must be longer than seven characters.
  • In the Retype New Password section, retype the new password you want to use.
  • Save Changes by using the Save Changes button.
  • You’ll notice a banner at the top of the screen verifying the password change once you click SAVE CHANGES:


How do I use Facebook or Google to sign in to Epic Games Account?

To use your Facebook or Google account to sign in, you must first link it to your Epic Games account. You may sign in by clicking the symbol after you’ve connected.

To connect to your Epic Games account, go to the Epic Games website and follow the procedures below:

  • Sign in by clicking Sign In.
  • Choose from the Facebook and Google icons.
  • Sign in to your Facebook or Google account on the new browser page. You will be referred to a new page.
  • This step will not show if you are already logged in.
  • Enter the username for your Epic Games account and password.
  • Please read the following: This is for an existing account by default. Click Link to a New Account if you wish to create a new account.
  • Sign in by clicking SIGN IN.


How to Download Epic Games?

The simple procedure for downloading Epic Games is as follows,

  • Go to the location Epic Games Store, Click “Get Epic Games”
  • It’s in the upper right corner of the Epic Games Store page at
  • This is the only location where you can get the Epic Games Store installer in a secure manner.

Then go ahead and download immediately.


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