10 Best Websites to Download Movies – Nigerian Nollywood Movies For Free

Best Websites to Download Movies

The best websites to download movies are so numerous to talk about and you will all love the free sites. Streaming live movies and downloading latest movies on your mobile device and then watch comfortably in a more relaxed mode without any issues is all you want to do.

Are you a lover of Nollywood 9ja movies? That’s beautiful and is time to check out the best Websites to Download Movies. The Nigerian Nollywood Movie Industries is one of the largest in African; and also making waves all over the world just like Hollywood and Bollywood. Large number of movies are been produce and release on a weekly basis.

This article is to show you some interesting sites where movies can be enjoyed without really visiting the cinema house; or buying a DVD to watch except on an occasion you will want to go to cinema for a hangout.  Subsequently, these are Top 10 best websites to download Movies in Nigerian for Free in 2020.


Top 10 Best Websites to Download Movies in Nigerian for Free 2020


Netnaija is rated among the best streaming platform you can quickly find both Nigerian and Hollywood trendy movies.

Netnaija movies

Download Netnaija Movies

They also offer you the privileged to download Yoruba movies, comedy clips, and football highlights. They can as well give you the latest entertainment gossip /gist, audio music downloads as well as videos. So the best website to download movies for free is Netnaija


Iroko TV

They call it Netflix of Africa, Iroko TV is one of the best Websites where users can stream live movies as well as download any kind of Nigerian movies for free.

Iroko TV free app download

Iroko TV Site

According to Wikipedia the platform was founded in the year 2011 by Jason Njoku. Since then, the platform has grown rapidly and become one of the largest Nollywood film distributors in the world.



As one of Africa’s leading global movie platforms, Nollyland offers features such as video streaming and download.

This platform also has an amazing timeline thumbnail that can easily jump into on any of the movie scene effortlessly; it has a well align categories and can easily be search.


Best Websites to Download Movies

NollyLand -African Movies Apk

You can easily download as many Nollywood movie, Ghanian and other African movies as you want on this platform for free.

NollyLand website



Buzz Nigeria is an informative platform that brings the latest news and entertainment to your door step; such as recently released and popular movies for downloading or viewing online on its website.

This can only be achieved by surfing the Buzz Nigeria website and checking out the movies being uploaded to the site.

Moreover, Buzznigeria.com updates its website frequently; so it is a good idea to bookmark the site in your browser or subscribe to its newsletter for updates.



NigerianFilm is a movie streaming and download website that allows you to stream and download any Nigerian movies all for free.

This website uploads adult content (18+) movies to this site for adult-rated movie lovers. It also offers other series of movies from around the world.


Ibaka TV

Ibaka TV was founded as part of Ibaka Entertainment by blessing Idenigi, one of the largest sites for free download of Nollywood movies.

It is a website where you can download thousands of Nigerian movies. However, using this platform, you are entitled to stream over 15000 hours of TV and movie content whenever you want or like to stream.

Ibaka TV has a mobile app that is available on iOS and Android. Additionally, the application is available on smart TVs that can be accessed through your Samsung, Android, Apple TV, or Roku.



Similarly, Ibaka has more than 1 million unique subscribers especially on YouTube in over 220 countries around the world, making it YouTube’s largest premium partner in Africa.

Ibaka TV website


Naijapals is one of the largest social networking and entertainment communities in Africa, founded in 2007.

In other words, Naijapals gives you full access to many feature films that can be streamed or downloaded online.

The movies on this site belong to different processes and there are thousands of movies here. In addition to movie streaming and download services; you can read the latest news on this platform as well as connect with friends through chat and their forums.

This website does not charge you to access their content, but it is free and available to all visitors.

What are you waiting for, now hurry up and use the platform by clicking on the link to download your favorite nollywood movies for free.



It is an online platform that allows you to read Nigeria’s latest news headlines and excellent news sources.

Naijaonpoint has an excellent publishing news service; the site is always updated with the latest movies of various genres that you can download for free.


Latest 2020 Nigerian Movies


CodedWap is an online news and entertainment platform that provides you with trending 9ja music songs, nollywood movies, comedy videos, music lyrics, trending news, and football headlines.

Most importantly, with CodedWap website, you can watch or download MP4 online, 3GP HD movies, music, and music videos.

Codedwap.com is a great website to download nollywood movies for free. It regularly uploads high quality movie content that you can download or stream on the website. On this platform, it is easy to download Nollywood movies, audios, and music videos.



Wapbase is a platform that allows its users downloads movies, audio, video and other media content.

Their stage includes interesting movie genres such as Wrestling, comedy videos, Net Geo Wild, which you can watch for free.

The site also has a chat forum where you can chat with other users. An option is also available on the web for you to subscribe to the site newsletter, which allows you to update the latest movies, news and updates after they have been published on the web.