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Free Mp3 Music Download

What is Soundclick?  It is a social circle that is purely for music, songs are stream live or downloaded in an Mp3 format. Unblocked music website to enjoy, It’s a kind of one-stop shop for artists, writers, and record labels.

Basically, with SoundClick, you can get high-quality beats or instruments at low price; either as a buyer or seller. However, the SoundClick website has a music store where users can visit to buy any music they like. Artists can also upload music to a website in mp3 audio format. Artists can sell their songs by themselves, give it out for free or sell them through the SoundClick music store.

Moreover, the artists’ page usually provides brief biography of their journey so far pertaining to music. Similarly, SoundClick equally has a premium service that is available for users. On the other hand, Premium subscribers can also upload songs in a high quality format to maintain status quo. Users can upload photos and videos and post to other blogs. In addition, users can customize their own radio stations by making their selection of Sound Click songs available to every user who visits the page to listen. Songs in SoundClick can be streamed and downloaded in mp3 format. The official website is

Free Music Download & Uploads

Soundclick permits vast upload of songs especially in Mp3 format. This songs can open as free downloads, or it can only be stream. In other words, they may be sold via SoundClick music store. Certainly, songs can be under a paid license or under free Creative Commons licensed to others to use.

SoundClick Instrumentals

They can actually be used for free but endeavor to give name credit at the very beginning of your instrumental; ensure you send across copy of the finished song.

SoundClick Downloader

It’s a downloader app that allows its users to download the full version of Mp3 from its website. Login using your android mobile device and download as many songs you wish listening to right now. Its free music download, ensure you update from the old version to the latest version using Soundclick mobile.


Categories in SoundClick

There are various categories of music you can download from Sound Click. Just visit the website and check out the kind of music you love listening to. Below are the music categories on SoundClick. Recently, the Sound Click website attracted a lot of online users because they were looking for hip hop songs to use on SoundClick. But their popularity seems to be declining because some other free websites are coming up speedily online. Here are the categories:-

  • Hip-Hop
  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • World
  • Instrumentals
  • Acoustic
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Iron
  • Electronic
  • Latin
  • Classical
  • Metal
  • Urban

In these categories, there is different music for each of them, so just download as much music/songs as possible all for free. They are users friendly and that’s what actually distinguishes Sound Click from its competitors.


How to Sell Beats on SoundClick

SoundClick is a great place for artists and producers to bring their songs or instruments to market. So that people can listen and work with them. It’s easy to sell your beats on Sound Click. Follow the steps below to sell / buy bits in Sound Click

  1. Open your favorite web browser
  2. Type the website address www.soundcom.
  3. When the page appears, you will see Login / sign-up
  4. If you have an existing account, just sign in
  5. You if you have not yet opened an account with Sound Click
  6. You will need to register and sign up immediately
  7. You may register using your Facebook account or your email address
  8. When you finish signing up, then to create a user account
  9. If you are an artist, indicate your band or area of interest
  10. In case you want to sell your rhythm/beat, move to the sales section/tab on the homepage
  11. Simply follow the instructions on Sound Click on how to sell your beats.

Lastly, SoundClick is actually a place like market for artists and producers. It is the process they use to show case beats or music or songs that will make them stand out. SoundClick website is a huge market for new and existing artists to be discovered, likewise download free audio. Visit today