Tinder Oops something went wrong How to Fix


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Have you ever experience Tinder Oops something went wrong?  Well this article serves as a learning guide to fixing Tinder oops something went wrong. Tinder offers a platform were two-people meet online. It is one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet.

When compare to Facebook, Tinder is firmly a social networking platform that offers dating services. This platform gives you the opportunity to find your date by swiping right (likes) and to the left side means dislike.

If both users swipe at the same time to right it there means they find their date.

Sounds funny though but that’s how it works, However, it has been observed over time that there are recurring problems with the Tinder app. Meanwhile, before we go to the solution, let’s find out about the Tinder App and the Fix Tinder Login Issues

Many users who sign up with their phone numbers or Facebook profile sometimes face the problem of Tinder coming up with the error message “Tinder Oops something went wrong”. This error is popular with Android users. This problem is so common whenever we subscribe through to our Facebook profile and contact number.

Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong Error Log-In Messages

Below are some of the common Tinder sign-in error messages from users other than the message that of “Tinder Oops something went wrong”:

  • Tinder something went wrong while searching
  • Oops something went wrong optional
  • Tinder Oops something went wrong at 50000
  • Tinder Oops something went wrong please try again later iphone
  • Tinder something went wrong you can not log in
  • Tinder something went wrong in 1011
  • Cannot sign in if something goes wrong 3
  • Tinder something went wrong please make sure you have internet connection

Account blocked or reported by another Tinder

Most of the time, users think an error message came about because their account was reported or someone else tagged it to be any of the following:

  • Bad or inappropriate messages in their dating partner/match
  • Some form of abnormal behavior
  • Inappropriate of sharing of images
  • Spamming Account
  • Cross -dressing , Transgender or other any form of LGBTQ person
  • There are no physical identification methods with the image.

This may or may not be true, if a user logs out of his account and cant log into tinder, the above definitions do not apply to “Tinder Oops something went wrong”.

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Reasons for Tinder Oops Something went wrong

  1. If users subscribe to Tinder while using Facebook there is a 95% chance of failure. This means that there is an error server logging in to this domain. This means that your server is down so it cannot detect your location or allow your Facebook access.
  2. Perhaps the server’s failure to sign on Tinder comes from their server
  3. Your mobile cookies and cache
  4. You need to installed a VPN on your phone
  5. Other issues with your mobile phone
  6. Problem connecting your network so is a network issue
  7. Maybe you’re not using the latest app
  8. It is a temporary problem. It may take a fixed time of 5 hours or 12 max before you can return to Tinder
  9. If you are unable to login to Tinder after 24 hours if trying this trick can help you fix Tinder sign issues it mean you are good to go. But these strategies are not guaranteed to fix your problems. Because they do not come from the Tinder group.

Else it fails, and then you have no choice but to visit the Tinder contact page and file a formal complaint about the challenges being face by you.


How to Fix Tinder Oops Something went wrong

Here are some of the ways to the fix issues:

  • See Network Connection

Make sure the network provider you are using has enough power to support Tinder and reach your location.

It definitely must be able to allow your Facebook login. If you do not find an error with your internet connection then try the following option.

  • Clear Tinder App Data for Android users

After the above steps if the problem persists you will need to clear Tinder data and cache.

You only need to follow these steps for the Android user:

  • First, open your mobile settings
  • Second, tap Apps and Notification
  • Then, go to the Tinder app and touch it to see the app data and cache or tap and hold the Tinder app on your home screen and tap App info
  • After that, click the storage option
  • Next, click on Clear Storage and Cache options screen
  • Finally, restart your device

As soon as you finish with the steps above and try signing in to the Tinder app again.

IPhone users will need to uninstall the Tinder app and install the latest version from the App Store.

If you do not want to delete Tinder data and cache, you may want to check for updates. If so, then try updating that app to eliminate pop ups.

If this also doesn’t work, don’t worry because there are other options.


  • Avoid VPN in Tinder

There is an opportunity in your version of the premium Tinder Plus that allows you to switch between different locations unlike the free version of the app.

The reason for the error appears to be that you are using VPN switching apps in the Tinder Plus app and that is why it cannot see your location.

It can also create a login error in the Tinder app so disable the VPN and try signing in to your account again.

However, if you are using the free version simply go to the next step.


  • Fix Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong Pop Up Error

As Facebook settings have changed and more data has been received, you may find it difficult to access your Facebook-connected accounts.

You may want to try deleting your tinder app and signing in using another option such as a Google Account or your phone number.

Follow the steps given above to eliminate the error ‘Tinder oops something went wrong’.

If you still have a problem then complain about the tinder app support system and contact them to resolve your issues or try other dating sites like POF.


  • Sign in to Tinder Using the Mobile Web Browser

There is a Tinder web form and you can open it with your mobile browser using Firefox, Channel, or Safari a fast and reliable web browser.

Enter your Facebook profile and link it to your tinder account and try signing in. If you are successfully logging in, then there should be a problem with the mobile version of your Facebook app.

If this also does not work then we have your last choice.

Why is Tinder not letting me to make an Account?

Simply go to phone settings, On application choose tinder on Facebook then delete data cache, thereafter, try to log in again; this will surely solve the issue.


Can you have 2 Tinder Accounts?

This site is one of the most downloaded apps when it comes to dating apps. Nevertheless, some people desire to have more than 2 accounts, but the point is that Tinder only maintains one profile account per device.