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 Lycos Mail

Lycos Email – Sign in | How to Create Lycos Mail Account – Lycos Mail Log In.

Lycos mail is another amazing and great email service providing a subscription and unpaid email service. Particularly in our modern period, the necessity of email services cannot be over stressed. You may create and send e-mails to friends, family and business partners using Lycos e-mail service as a private individual or company owner.

Undoubtedly individuals who interact using Google mail and Yahoo are primarily using email services. However, it may be interesting to note that Lycos mail includes some functions that Gmail and Yahoo Mail do not offer.

It is important to choose the one with a decent spam filter, large attachments and virus protection when you choose an email service provider. For all these reasons Lycos is an email service to choose from. Today, users may build their own Lycos account utilizing their domain name. But you should be aware that Lycos, the e-mail provider, does not simply provide e-mail services. This gives you access to additional Lycos services such as their websites, social networks and entertainment. You also need to access your Lycos mail ID.


Does Lycos Email Have an App?

The question is answered NO. Most webmail customers constantly want to know if Lycos e-mail has a mobile device application. Lycos has no application. Only on a mobile device or PC is it accessible through a web browser. The app store – Google Play and App Store – is not currently available. Therefore, you are encouraged to seek elsewhere if you are looking for an e-mail service with a mobile app.


Lycos Mail Features

Lycos mail comes with its own really attractive features, much like other e-mail providers. It provides fantastic new features and more room for you to make the most of your email. Lycos provides you some functions, which are not found on Gmail and Yahoo mail, as described above. Some of these features are shown below;


Blocking of Domain/Address

It allows you to save 5GB of your emails. You therefore need not worry about emails deleting.

In contrast to Yahoo mail and Google mail, Lycos allows you to add an attached file up to 35MB with a file attachment maximum of 25MB.

POP3, IMAP and STMP are supported.

Strong SSL/TLS safety protocol.

Its Virus scanner to prevent viruses and malware from in boxing your mail

Ad-supported is not Lycos mail. You may say goodbye to annoying ads with this email service.

Although Lycos mail isn’t the finest email service provider, the characteristics of an email services are intriguing. Today you may start creating an account and use its wonderful features.


Is Lycos Mail Free?

As Lycos started offering an email service of its own, it started as a free email service. However, Lycos does not currently offer free mail accounts to users anymore. Lycos mail is a premium webmail, in other terms. So you can anticipate to pay a subscription free if you want to register an account. The email membership plans of Lycos are three sorts, meanwhile. It includes 4.95 dollars per month, 19.95 dollars per year and 49.95 dollars per year for 3 years. Based on how you pay, you may select for any of these options.

You should renew your subscription plan if you have an account and don’t have any of those plans, as free email accounts are wiped out after thirty days. And be sure that your billing information is valid throughout your subscription.


Lycos Mail Login

You may login in to your account through a web browser on any device by creating a Lycos mail account. To login to your Lycos email account, follow the instructions below;

  • On your device browser, visit the Lycos Mail login page.
  • Submit Lycos on their relevant areas with username and password.
  • To log in, tap “Sign in’.’

You will immediately see your Lycos mail box. Now your account can be administered, your mobile device or PC may write, send and receive emails. You should make sure that your caps lock is switched off before typing your password, because your password is case sensitive.


Sign Up for Lycos Mail

Take advantage of all Lycos has to offer today by establishing a mail account in Lycos. Logging in to a Lycos account offers you a Lycos ID that you may use at any time to log in. But you need an acceptable cellphone number to confirm your account before we offer you instructions on how you may establish an account. Creating an account;

  1. On your browser, visit
  2. On your homepage, tap ‘Mail.’
  3. You will then be sent to the login page. Click on the “Sign up” option because you wish to build an account.
  4. The login page displays on the next page in the middle of the screen.
  5. Enter your initial member name in the first field to begin registration. Your member name is your backup name or username.
  6. Set your account to a secure password.
  7. Enter an email address for retrieval.
  8. Tap “Continue,” check your humanity.

Select your country, input your cellphone number and click the “SEND PIN” button on the following page. If you click on send, you will be issued a confirmation code that will allow you to finish the sign up. Be aware that you can establish up to five mobile email accounts.