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OPay POS – How to Apply for Opay POS Machine in Nigeria | Opay Application Form | Opay POS Charges

You must first become an agent in order to be qualified for an OPay POS in Nigeria. You need to download the application from Google Play or the Apple App Store and register as an agent to become an OPay agent. This will allow you to utilize the OPay POS system to create extra revenue in your area.

You need to handle the application interface and know how to conduct basic transactions after signing up as an agent in the app. There are also a lot of transactions that you need to do with the software that you now receive the POS.


What is Opay

Opay’s Opera software, proprietors of Opera Mini and the Web browsers is a mobile, online transaction in Nigeria.

Opay has been designed to make it as simple as possible to send and receive payments. In Kenya and South Africa the app is already operating.

In this article let take a look on how to apply for an Opay POS system and also about all other relevant information.


Registration Form for Opay Agents – Opay POS Application Form

If you wish to become an Opay agent or OWealth, your application form should contain:

Download your Opay application free of charge from or Google Play Store.

Opay Agents Registration Form is available online.

Your BVN is necessary.

Receipts are also necessary for the provision of utility bills.

Get any identification method, such as a driver’s license or an overseas passport.

Free account signup is offered by OPay.

You’re going to require one picture of passport size.

These are the main criteria for applications for an OPay service, and I am certain that you can work with OPay as an agent if you have any of them.


Who may register as an Opay Agent?

  • Either a guy or a female, anyone who is intellectually fit can work with OPay.
  • Anyone able to converse or in their original language in straightforward English.
  • The ORide applicants have a Keke or a motorbike to own.
  • A genuine bank account number must be given to candidates for the Owealth agent.
  • Applicants should have a valid identification form.
  • Applicants need to have basic customer relationships knowledge.
  • You need a fully working, internet-friendly Android Phone.
  • If you meet your target, you can make a lot of money.
  • You have the right to work with OPay to maintain a seamless operation of your business with a point of sale (POS) complementary machine.
  • You don’t need to go and seek clients.
  • Download and register for a free account with the OPay app.
  • OPay agents can contribute cash or collect money from their wallet.
  • I’m certain that you want to know how much money you’re going to make as an agent:


How do I to apply for Opay POS machine?

The following are the procedures you have to do to apply for the Opay POS machine:

  1. From your smartphone, go to your app store (iPhone or android)
  2. Search out the Opay app
  3. Install the app then agree on all the terms.
  4. Login to the app
  5. Navigate and select MORE button then click on the MY POS icon.
  6. Enter all the necessary information as required.
  7. Bank Account – upload your bank transaction history for the past 3 months
  8. Upload a Valid ID card (Passport, National ID or driver’s license)
  9. Upload a screenshot of workspace place or environment where you will be operating from.

The amount of Naira 20,000 is taken from your Opay wallet as cautionary charge once the form has been completed, which is reviewed and accepted. Note: You receive the pos for free. If he or she returns the terminal in a decent shape, the money deducted will be returned to the agent.

The Opay Terminal is also accessed through a checked aggregator that has a real office not those that use Opay’s name to advertise on Facebook. Therefore make sure that you visit their office before you pay anyone, because Opay is not held liable if you are cheated.


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Frequently Asked Questions About OPay

OPay POS Charges Other things you should know about OPay and its POS system are as follows.


How Much to Apply for POS Machine in Nigeria?

Free application, Meanwhile, N50,000 for OPay Smart POS, N35,000 for OPay Traditional POS, and N8,500 for OPay Mini, are the newest official POS rates for OPay POS..


When will I receive the POS when I apply?

It takes 24 hours for the OPay staff to give you a reply once you have finished your application. After your request is granted or rejected, you will receive the SMS/Email.


Contact Opay Customer Service

Opay Phone Numbers and Emails

Customer Service:

+2 341 888 8329