Reddit Soccer Streams Banned – Best Alternatives

Reddit Soccer Streams

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For football fans who enjoy watching free soccer on the internet. There’s good news and bad news specifically on Reddit’s r/soccerstreams. Meanwhile, based on the title of this article, raddit soccer stream moved.

The bad news is that Soccer Streams, a subreddit with almost 500000 users, has been blocked. Or can we say, decommissioned?

Since receiving a copyright notice from a Premier League Team, the reddit Soccer Streams subreddit was shut down. This, on the other hand, does not come as a disappointment.

The positive news is that there are a host of excellent SoccerStreams options. Thou there are other alternatives to see in this article, we’ll look at the best places/pages for streaming and sorting football watches, such as the reddit soccer subreddit.

Until now, the Soccer Streams forum on Reddit was one of the most reliable places to share and receive high-quality streams. Consider it a dam for football fans.

Streaming connections for all league matches can still be found in the forum. In the reddit thread, regardless of where the game is being played, at least one streaming link will be available for users to watch the match.

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, SoccerStreams became really famous. Every day during the event, over a million people were online. The majority of streams are only loosely connected to AceStream, which uses peer-to-peer (P2P) infrastructure to operate. Unlike torrent, this technology is much easier to use.


Why Did R/Soccer Streams Get Banned

Since the Premier League sent a copyright violation notice to the site’s administrators, Reddit soccer feeds were shut down.

If you go to the SoccerStreams subreddit on reddit right now, you’ll see a message that says “r/soccerstreams has been removed from reddit. This subreddit has been suspended due to repeated breaches of reddit’s copyright policy.


Best 3 Alternatives for Raddit Soccer Streams

On Reddit, there are subreddits such as SoccerStreams. Despite the fact that Reddit admins are actively pursuing all unauthorized soccer streaming subreddits, there are a few SoccerStreams alternatives. Given the battle against these streaming services, it’s impossible to say how long they’ll survive.

On Reddit, here are the perfect SoccerStreams replacements.


1. RedSoccer

Since SoccerStreams was barred, a few alternatives arose. Redsoccer is one of those subreddits that was developed with the internet in mind to serve as a SoccerStreams replacement.

Although there are only a few subscribers on the page, they do a good job of serving useful links right before the match begins. There are a few laws for Redsoccer that are different from the others. These guidelines are designed to keep streaming connections functional and appealing.


2. SoccerStreams69

The soccerstreams69 subreddit was built for those who want to keep up with football news on Reddit. On the website, live streaming links are frequently posted. Until each play, precisely. Since the SoccerStreams69 page isn’t really wide, not all matches are protected. Matches from Asia, in particular. You can get acestreams links and direct links for all common matches from SoccerStreams69, just as you did on SoccerStreams.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t a long-term approach. As previously said, Reddit moderators are tearing down these channels, and there is no way of knowing how long the page will remain online before being banned.


3. RedditSoccer

Redditsoccer is a subreddit on Reddit that offers live streaming connections for each match before it starts. The subscribers are gradually increasing, though its far below the thousands of subscribers SoccerStreams had. However, there are usually only few participants online at any given time. This website, like the others listed above, also uses P2P technologies to exchange acestreams.

This ensures that if you’re on a secure network, you won’t have to deal with buffering or poor content. Given the large number of streamers that post ties, it makes sense to choose a favorite channel and language and stick with it.


How to Legally Watch Premier League

The television rights to premier league football in the United Kingdom are shared by Sky Sports and BT Sport. The sports are also broadcast on DSTV’s premium networks. As a result, if you want to lawfully watch the Premier League, turn on Sky Sports or BT Sports. You can also stream some football channels on DSTV.

Certainly, if you prefer to use your phone to stream sport; Viewers will also watch the game live on Sky Go and BT Sport apps. On the DsTV Now app, DsTV subscribers can watch the stream.



Before the ban r/soccer streams live was very effective, they stream matches such as Manchester United, women’s world cup, even Mexico matches on Raddit 100 HD.

Raddit soccer streams discord helps interact with friends and your communities freely.