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Free YouTube Video Downloader

Free YouTube video Downloader makes it easy to save videos from YouTube on a format, YouTube is the highest streaming site you can think of with lots of contents. However, these YouTube apps are constantly changing; we keep you updated on a more recent guide.

Assuming you are only interested in saving music on YouTube, this free YouTube to MP3 software guide can help you better. In other to play offline videos on a device, such as your phone, tablet or PC, these free video converters are just perfect to use.

Basically, Internet has made access to content easy to access just in seconds. Video is one of the most popular ways to display content in a visual way; and these websites contain a lot of video content.

It is so unfortunate that many online services and video platforms do not allow you to download videos from there platform. Else it is illegal when such is done without express permission to that.

Most at time we want to watch a certain YouTube video on our tablet, phones, or Pc; and will love to keep it. Sure, with the help of the best free online video downloader, one can find the desired video on their pc or laptop.

Here are collections of different downloader apps. The YouTube video downloader free downloads full version.

Disclaimer – Techvibes247 do not encourage or support downloading any copyrighted video that violate the terms and conditions of any website. Endeavor to seek proper permission that will give you right to download videos with video downloader apps.


4K video downloader


The free YouTube downloader is currently 4K Video Downloader. This free app is embarrassing so many paid tools with no ads, allowing you to save videos the way you like, and not add watermarks to your downloaded clips. It will enable user to extract audio from a video, likewise download the entire playlist.

4K Video Downloader is an accurate app with no additional functions in it. It is very short and allows you to download videos with the best quality.

Moreover, it can download videos with just a single click and saves you time. Another outstanding feature about this application is the compatibility for Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms and is support languages ​​such as English, Chinese, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, and many more.

With the latest algorithm, it keeps track of audio and video with a range of 1080P and higher resolutions. The 4K video downloader also saves both audio and video. This method, users can download videos in 1080P, 4K, and 8K without any problem.

Video downloaded in full HD quality are watched without losing it quality on your pc or phone. It has free and paid version. In the free version, you can download one video at a time, but with the paid version 25+ videos can downloaded at a time.

Or you can subscribe to a YouTube channel to download the latest video uploaded by this particular channel. For most users, the free version includes all the necessary features. In case you have trouble downloading videos, update the software to download YouTube videos without error.


  • Download videos using different formats such as MP3, M4A, MP4, MKV, & OGG / 720P 1080p, 4K & 8K
  • A simple software with attractive template to download free YouTube video
  • One-click video mode
  • Support large videos downloads


YTD Video Downloader & Converter


YouTube is constantly growing and more content been added daily to the platform. In other words, users get real content and videos.

So, YTD video downloader is one of YouTube’s free video downloads. When you visit the website, there is the free and paid version and compare both with all new features and details.

Meanwhile, in the free version, download one video at a time, for more download, it has to queue until it gets to it turn to download. Download high quality video on 1080P free version.

The paid version allows the user to download videos from 60+ sites, convert videos in various formats, good downloading speed with just one.


  • Save video to YouTube and other sites for free
  • Within minutes, a beginner learns how to use this app because of its beautiful display.


aTube Catcher Free YouTube Downloader


People like watching different YouTube videos, but sometimes they may not be able to go online to watch them, and in such cases, the best free YouTube downloader helps.

That is true, especially if you are outside the network coverage or do not have Wi-Fi, but with the right software.

The powerful features of such a downloader change the process with just a double click and make it easier for users. One such software is the YouTube Catcher, which is very flexible and can do many things for the user’s satisfaction.

It can download online videos from YouTube, convert them to popular formats, record on-screen video with a built-in recorder and many more. It has a lot of functions to offer, and once you have tried it, I bet you would like to use it more.


  • You can download multiple videos at once
  • Built-in recording feature


Gihosoft TubeGet


Gihosoft TubeGet helps users to download unique videos from YouTube and other video streaming sites. It has a simple interface with good features that draws users to it.

Gihosoft supports different formats the Mp4 videos; it can also download videos in HD, UDH, 720P, 1080P, and 2K, 4K & 8K High quality. Available for Mac and Windows, saves YouTube videos on your windows pc or Mac.

This best video downloader can store videos without a pc like portable hard drive, USB flash drive, or memory card with a single click.

It can download YouTube 1080P videos, 48/60fps and age-restricted videos freely and without problems. If it “failed” when you tried to download the video, just update the tool to get the best solution.


  • No ads, easy to navigate, intuitive functions, user interface, and no integrated software.
  • It supports many websites to download content in all formats, including SD and HD.
  • It can also extract MP3 from YouTube video.
  • Reduce bandwidth and download more than one video at a time.
  • Supports YouTube’s built-in subtitles.


Freemake video Downloader


Freemake Video Downloader downloads YouTube videos on Windows PC. It offers many functions and tools for a fast experience.

The platform can control the download speed based on the distance of acceptance. Additionally, it can transfer videos to dropbox or google drive after setting the default cloud location.

The platform is secure and protects your personal information. Freemake Video Downloader helps you stream then download and watch videos on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS devices.

Video download with one click and set mode by tapping to convert, and a few other features provided by this software. Even the steps to work are also simple, paste the video link, select the adjustment and click download and the video will download to your pc with video quality loss.

Other  Free YouTube Video Downloading Apps

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  • By Click Downloader
  • iMassTube
  • Youtube Video downloader
  • BitDownloader
  • com
  • Website
  • SnapDownloder
  • com
  • iTubeGo


How To Download YouTube Videos On Windows PC?

Simple steps to get YouTube videos on Windows PC or Mac

  1. First, open YouTube and search for the video you intend to download.
  2. Secondly, is to right-click the video and select the “copy video URL” option
  3. Thirdly, open the YouTube video downloader and paste it into the desired column.
  4. Select the video format and click on the Download tab.

Instantly it starts downloading the video and when it is done it shows a notification on your screen.


Frequently Asked Questions for YouTube Video Downloader

Why use YouTube Video Downloader?

You stream videos on YouTube, and you’re not supposed to download videos from YouTube. That’s why YouTube Video Downloader comes into the picture. YouTube Video Downloader lets you download videos from a variety of video hosting websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. You can download videos and save them to your mobile device, PC.


What are the features of a video download application?

A common feature of the Video Download program is downloading videos from various video streaming websites, including YouTube. In addition to this, there are some advanced features included in the Download Video:

  • Common user-friendly application interface
  • Videos are compressed in specific encoder size, format and output size.
  • High video download speed.
  • Video sharing via internet
  • Video storage in online drives such as Google Drive, Single Drive, or Dropbox..


Is it safe to use Free YouTube Video Downloader?

Generally, YouTube Video Downloader apps are safe to download and use on the device. However, downloads YouTube Video Downloader from reliable source is very important.

If you download from any unreliable source, it may contain malware or virus; that could damage your system. You can also check app ratings and reviews before downloading them. It will help you choose the best YouTube video downloading app.


How can you save videos from YouTube on your phone?

To save videos from YouTube to phone these are steps:

  • First, you need to copy and paste the YouTube video URL into the Video Downloader app search bar.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions and download videos with a specific format/resolution.
  • Select the download method and save it to your phone or PC.


Formats supported for Video Download Application?

You can download different video formats from the video download application. Most of them support MP4, 3GP, MOV, WMV, AVI, and many more. Just select any of them before downloading. The YouTube Download app also supports MP3 and WAV formats for extracting audio files from videos.

Disclaimer – Techvibes247 do not encourage or support downloading any copyrighted video that violate the terms and conditions of any website. Endeavor to seek proper permission that will give you right to download videos with video downloader apps.