Google Find My Phone – How to Find Your Lost Android Phone


Google Find My Phone

Find, Lock, Erase an Android Device

Google Find My Phone is actually a mobile app and service offered by Google to be able to track and locate an Android device such as tablets, phones and watches. You can find my device last seen through your browser or using the app.

Google’s app for lost Android phones is known as Find My Device. Losing your phone can be so disastrous a big problem; that is exactly why both Apple and Google offer the same tools to track, locate, and remotely erase information on a lost phone. Google find my lost phone works in much the same way on Android phones. This article helps you know how to use Google app find my phone location by number and last seen locations.


Google Find My Phone

Google is using a map to search for and likewise locate the exact location of your lost Android device. This app allows users to find any android device connected to their Google account.

How to track a lost Android device using Google Find My Device

However, using the website or Find My phone app via a different Android phone already logged into on Google account. Moreover, you can see the phone’s location on a map, play a sound to find it, or remotely erase the phone and reset it to factory defaults. In addition to seeing the phone on a map, you have three options:

  • Select “Play Sound” to pull the phone away to play the ringtone sound. When the phone is turned on and connected to the internet, it will play audio without phone volume settings.
  • Select “Secure device” to prevent the person from accessing your phone’s data. You can also show a message or phone number on the lock screen to help retrieve the device.
  • Select “Wipe Device” if the phone is lost or stolen and you do not expect to find it.

This will erase the phone and reset it to its original form factory condition


How to Use Google Find My Phone

You can find your Android device using the Find my phone by Google in its website or through Google’s Find My Device. Download and install it from the Google Play Store on a different Android device signed into the same Google Account.

  • Launch the app or go to Google Find My Device in a web browser.
  • If you have only one device, Find My Device should immediately explode on that device (or in its known location where it was last operated and connected to the Internet). If you have multiple devices, you can select the one you want using the device icons at the top of the page.
  • You can see your device’s last known location and make it play audio that will help you find it from Find My Device.

However, when you sign in to your Google Account on a public computer or someone else’s PC to find your phone, remember to use the browser in private or incognito mode and opt out when done.


Google Features Find My Device

Google Find My Device has different built-in features that come with this app, below are the features of the app.

  1. Users can see their phone, clock and tablet on a map. Assuming the current location is not available, you will see the last known location
  2. Play the sound at full volume, even if the phone is silent and will ring
  3. Wipe the phone or lock it. This can be done with a custom message and contact numbers on the lock screen.
  4. Navigate to your device with Google Maps by clicking on the device’s location and finding the Map icon
  5. Make sure your network is fully connected and fully charged
  6. Use in-house maps to help you locate your device at an airport, supermarket, or other major building

These are just a few of the features of Google Find My Device.


How to Ensure Find My Device is enabled on Android

Although you do not remember to turn on the Google Find My Device service, the good news is that it is probably already open. Google automatically unlocks it when you connect your Android phone to a Google account, so it should already be running from startup. If you have access to your phone, here’s how to make sure it’s enabled:

  • Start the settings app.
  • Tap on “Google.”
  • On the Google Settings page, tap “Security.”
  • Tap “Find my device.”
  • On the Find My Device page, make sure the feature is turned on – the button should be switched to the right.

Meanwhile, ensure that your Find My Device is enabled from your phone Settings app.

There is also how to find my device with IMEI, find my device Facebook they are all methods used in tracking any lost phone on Google platform.