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WhatsApp Desktop Online

Setup and Use WhatsApp for Windows Desktop

WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop Online work as extensions for your WhatsApp account and all messages are fully synced between your phone and computer. It allows you access your conversations on any platform no matter where it is launched.

WhatsApp Web is a popular web chat version of WhatsApp Messenger and iOS and Android video / voice call app that we all know. Moreover, WhatsApp Web initially allows you to use your mobile phone to scan a QR code to access your messages and conversations. You will also be able to access your profile, as well as some simple settings and any conversations in your store.

Basically, WhatsApp Web and Desktop apps are an extension of your smartphone. The moment the scan code is completed; it repeats all the conversations and messages you have in your WhatsApp app. Likewise allow you to see and reply them via Desktop or Mac using your computer keyboard instead of your smartphone keypad. While working on a text message or replying to an email; you can clearly see what’s going on in your WhatsApp world, without necessarily touching your smartphone again.

Most phones come with WhatsApp apps, else you can download WhatsApp for android phone; you can also call on whatsapp web.


WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web enables you to send and receive electronic WhatsApp messages on your Computer or Phone. WhatsApp Platform is a WhatsApp messenger-based Desktop Software. In a web browser, it is not another account, but the same account, and you are actually using the same account on both devices.

How to Login to WhatsApp Web on PC

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone, Click on the three dots that is on the top right side, tap on the WhatsApp Web
  • Tap the Settings button, then open WhatsApp Web / Desktop
  • Now, open web.whatsapp.com in your PC web browser
  • View the QR Code on the screen using WhatsApp Scanner for your mobile phone
  • Your WhatsApp account will now be available on your PC when you scan the QR Code is done
  • All messages will be synced across, and whatever you do on one computer will work for both


How to Log out of WhatsApp Desktop Online?

Once you have finished using WhatsApp Site, you may want to opt out of WhatsApp because if you do so; it is not safe for your WhatsApp account to be opened on Computer. To learn how to opt out of WhatsApp Web, please follow the steps given below.

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone
  • Tap the settings button
  • Click on WhatsApp Web / Desktop
  • All the activities will she shown both on the Desktop and Mobile device; Scroll and click Exit to all devices
  • Confirm and click Exit.
  • You have now successfully exited all current times from the Desktop.


How to use WhatsApp Desktop Online?

If you want to send long messages, you can choose to type them on the keyboard instead of your computer’s touch-screen. Or you may want to send some pictures and photos that you have on your screen, and it is an unnecessary movement to transfer them to your phone. Similarly, WhatsApp Web allows all of this and this article will guide you by setting up the WhatsApp Web app on your computer.

Using the WhatsApp desktop online Web is easy just remember that for WhatsApp Web to work; your mobile phone needs regular internet connection.